Kristi Jenkins is the PGA & LPGA Director of Instruction at Craft Farms. She is the founder and lead instructor at the Jenkins Golf Academy and has more than 20 years of experience.



LPGA/PGA Class A Teaching Professional born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, she has made teaching golf one of her life passions. Growing up she was an all-around athlete playing softball, basketball and volleyball. It wasn’t until after fulfilling a softball scholarship to college, and becoming an engineer by trade, that she picked up a golf club. After a year of playing, she turned pro and made her life in golf. Kristi completed both the PGA and LPGA program and now has twenty plus years of teaching experience. She was fortunate enough to learn from many of the game’s greats such as Jim Flick, Mike Malaska, Manual de la Torre, Hank Haney and sports psychologist, Jay Brunza. She has found her own unique style. There are no two people alike… There are no two golf swings alike. She finds herself more as a life coach specializing in teaching golf; as she makes sure to give her students the complete package of swing mechanics, fitness, psychology “mental toughness” and nutrition. She believes having a good golf swing is like a well-oiled machine… you must feed it property to keep the machine in good working condition.

Kristi is also aware that throughout her career, golf has evolved in so many directions. Therefore, she takes prides in continuing her education in physical fitness, nutrition, club-fitting and, of course, on the golf swing. She strives to pass along the latest and greatest, along with the tried and true. Kristi’s teaching philosophy is to help students enjoy the game of golf. Whether it is a change in perception, course management, mental skills, fitness, or technique, her goal is to make the game and learning experience enjoyable. Call or email Kristi to get started!